Sacred Spaces: Rosemary Barria

Rosemary Barria: Holistic Life Coach/Yogini/Mom

Location: Kansas City, KS

Radiant Life will be featuring spaces where people find solitude, rest and inspiration once a month. I thought I would start with my own space since this month is my birthday and we haven’t asked anyone else yet. If you want to show us your space email us!

Before our son was born I had space all over the house including separate spaces to do work and another to do yoga and yet another for reading. Ridiculous I know! I reclaimed some space a few weeks ago and I am happy to say I like it better than my previous spaces, even if I feel like I am paying rent to Curby.

Curby: The Landlord


I start off mornings with a meditation of some kind and prefer to start off with silence. If I am feel really unfocused or have a special emotional need I may put on a guided meditation or do a kinesiology balance exercise given by one of my teachers Jessie Hays. A very important part of my practice has for a while been to clear out my chakras and to check in with my energy. I like chanting through each of the major chakras because sound changes me and I feel like it heals me. I would love to eventually have more bells and bowls to play tones with! I love using mantras and setting intentions and truly believe it has changed me.

I journal  everyday and find that is the best way for ideas to come out, for me to get to know myself and to problem solve. I also do a daily draw with tarot or oracle and journal about that too. Sometimes I share it with you on Instagram. If Sage, my baby, hasn’t woken up yet then I do yoga or some other form of bodyweight training. Sometimes I have to wait for his next nap, but I do movement of some kind every day. After all that if time allows, I work on something, write or learn. I do this all before or after my baby has gone to sleep, though I really prefer that awesome time of morning of 4am or 5 am. Sometimes my night owl self returns. Really as long as it is dark out I feel really creative and connected.

Even if you just have a table you call an altar and just enough room for a yoga mat like I do having a sacred space is so important. Here are little pieces of my sacred space…




Habit: Morning Routine

I have had a morning routine for several years now and it is probably one of the best life decisions I have ever made. I like to stay up late…at least I used to, but now I like waking up early so much that I try to avoid staying up too late. The benefits of having habits you do every morning are numerous, but here are a few.

One: You get alone time no matter what happens the rest of your day.

Moms never get privacy or alone time once everyone is awake. When I was working full time and in school full time, I would have really suffered without this morning routine. I am a firm believer that EVERYONE needs alone time and not just introverts.

Two: You are more productive.

As a new mom I didn’t think it would be possible to accomplish all I can accomplish before 7:00am. Many mornings when I finish my routine, I have time to do laundry and write blog posts, film or edit videos. When my son wakes up, it feels really good to have already addressed some things on my to do list, as well as have invested in my self care. Of course there are other mornings, especially at first when sleep was more important, but even if it took me until noon, I kept these habits up.

Three: You have time for self-care.

Busy people like new moms or full time students really have a hard time investing in self-care. I know I always put this low on my list, but I made it a goal to incorporate self-care into my morning routine. Self-care is not to be taken lightly. Audre Lorde, says that “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” What does she mean? Is massaging my shoulders or taking a bath really that serious? Well it is. Women are more stressed than men  and are often the caretakers of others, even grown men…I dare say. It is crucial to find time to care for yourself and for me the best way has been mornings. Women are usually supposed to put everyone else first, even in the most well intentioned relationships.


So…what do I do in the mornings? This has changed throughout the years, but I have a few standards.

One: Meditation or quiet time.

This is one that I wrote about last week and again I will say it changes day to day sometimes. Today I did a traditional meditation for 10 minutes. Sometimes I journal, make art , do oracle cards or read a spiritually focused book. I really like to use this time to focus and to reflect. One thing I am trying to do is to visualize success, rather than always asking myself for direction. I think all people need time for quiet and everyday. I think it is possible for everyone to get even 5 minutes of this. I like to light a candle or two and if I am feeling really not like doing this quiet time, I put on some music and sometimes I make tea.


Two: Brush teeth and take care of face.

I start with doing a tongue scrap, then I brush my teeth. I love the feeling of clean teeth. What happens to our mouths overnight anyway?!  I also do a compress on my face with essential oils and warm water. Lately I have been using a lavender and tangerine essential oils. Then I moisturize my face with a blend of hemp, rose and lavender oil that I made. Lastly, I massage my shoulders and wrists especially with that oil blend or coconut oil. It is kind of indulgent, but super simple at the same time.

Three: Movement.

I wake up every morning and do some movement. Usually this is my favorite activity of yoga and I do anything from one sun salutation, to five or if I am not going to a class later, a full 40 minutes. Before I had Sage, my yoga practice was 90 minutes, but that is nearly impossible now unless I leave the house. I usually wrap up my practice with savasana and breath work called pranayama.


Three: Hydrate.

Mike, my partner and I are currently challenging ourselves to try to drink a gallon a day. I am winning, but even if I don’t get to a gallon, it is helping me hydrate more. It is important to hydrate yourself and I feel it if I don’t. Imagine you have gone 8 hours without water, so get that water and fast!

Four: Breakfast.

Usually Sage is awake by the time I get to this step. If Mike is home we eat breakfast together. Usually though I am eating on the floor with Sage as he plays. I don’t have a cooked breakfast much anymore because it just doesn’t work out to watch a baby and cook at the same time. I am beyond burnt out on smoothies so typically I eat a fruit bowl  with seeds or banana nice cream with berries and nuts. I wasn’t always good at eating breakfast, but it is an important part of my day now.


Five: Work on most important task or write.

If Sage hasn’t woken up then I start writing unless I have something important due that day that I haven’t finished. I also like to do one load of laundry a day. We cloth diaper, so this is how we maintain that system. Anyway, I write best late at night or early in the morning. I really like to be all there with Sage, so I try not to work or exercise while he is awake. If I don’t get to work in the morning, it happens during nap time. I really like working in the early morning though because I can get more finished because I am so focused at that time of day.

Six: Play.

Even if you don’t have a baby we should make time to play as research is showing. Brene Brown says that it is more important than us type A personalities realize. Play is unstructured and a way for us to lose track of time doing something we enjoy. I love reading and learning so as nerdy as it sounds that really is play for me, but now that I have a baby I have gotten a lot goofier and fun during my play time. I am a lucky mom because I have a laid back, happy baby and he is teaching me to be goofy. I also try to remember to play with my fur children who are also very goofy.


Seven: Walk.

We like to go to the park on mornings when we can together as a family. It really helps us stay connected to nature and to each other. I wish we lived in a forest or near mountains, but since we don’t our connection to nature has to be intentional on our part. When it’s just me, our dog (Ceci) and Sage we still take a walk, it’s just not as pretty. Sage really loves walks and of course Ceci does.


These are the things I do in the morning. It seems like a lot, but the first three are usually finished in less than an hour and the rest happen on good days, which is now thankfully most days. I slip into being a night owl once in a while and I always regret it. Staying up late is not as magical as waking up early to me. Hopefully this helped you out and maybe you can start doing one of these things if you don’t already. We would love to hear from you!

Find the corresponding video here.

-Rosemary Barria






10 Tips for New Moms

-Rosemary Barria

Having a baby does really strange things to your body, but it also gives you bragging rights for life. I am a very active person, so the changes that happened were shocking. I’m not talking just about my weight either or even the shape of my body, but the loss in strength. I had my son about six months ago and am just now feeling like myself. I know it is a giant pill to swallow when you are not the same shape, you may be weaker and you are still wearing maternity clothes months later. I am finally putting maternity leggings in the donation pile. We are all struggling as new moms to adjust.  I have some tips for you on how to get exercise, but I will first say BE PATIENT! Again you just gave birth to a baby…don’t let anyone forget that!  Here are ten tips that I have helped me:

One: Always Be Ready for Exercise.


Before I had a baby, my mornings were like three hours long. I woke up at 5:00am, had coffee, journal, read, listened to the news, then did like an hour to an hour and a half of yoga just about everyday. I then slowly got ready for work or school. I thought I was SO busy then…HA! Anyway, now my mornings are the mercy of a baby, so they look a bit different. I have to admit, there have been a few times that I have gone to my evening job without brushing my teeth…I think. If you want to exercise during the day, you are likely not going to know when that will happen, especially at first. One thing that helps me is that I put on workout clothes as soon as I wake up. This serves two purposes. First, I am not in pajamas or half naked for most of the day so it is psychologically super healthy to “get dressed”. Secondly, you won’t waste precious minutes trying to find an outfit that fits or have to dig through unfolded baskets of laundry (I used to put my clothes away immediately…I swear). Have that outfit ready to go and you can exercise as soon as the baby allows you to. Another trick I had to learn and this is pretty gross is to wear black workout clothes, so in case my relief…my partner got home from work late, I could throw a dress on over my workout clothes and run out the door to get to work.

Two: Start off with as little as 5 minutes.


My goal for exercise used to be an hour at first. Another big HA! Now I start off with Sun Salutations and do a little flow if time allows. Then I practice some other yoga skills. Once in a while the baby will nap long enough for me to do other exercise too, but at least if I do 5 minutes of yoga I get something. If I happen to put on a longer exercise video to try and I don’t get to it, I really don’t care anymore. Even five minutes transforms me from being a tired, cranky person, to a tired and not so cranky person. Don’t get caught up in the perfect workout because often times, more often than not, you won’t get it all into your day. Do sun salutations, do burpees, do a dance…just get moving even for just 5 minutes.

Three: Start with Walking

Before I had my son I was on bed rest for 10 days because my water broke at 27 weeks. Bed rest made my muscles so weak. As an example of how week, a few weeks after I gave birth to my son, I was trying to run across the street and my legs would not let me. They were like lead. Also since he was born at 28 weeks and we were in the hospital for 40 days, I wasn’t really in exercise mode. To keep my sanity though, I walked. I needed to rehabilitate my muscles somehow and bring peace to my mind since yoga wasn’t available to me. I don’t know what your story is, but be gentle with yourself. Know where you are and listen to your body!

Four: Workout with your baby.


If I really feel like I need to workout and the little baby isn’t napping, I put him in his carrier and exercise with him. He actually giggles now with it, but he used to fall right asleep. Of course, you can’t do aggressive jumping, but it can be a good strength workout. I find doing lunges, squats  and a weird version of a deadlift are great baby wearing exercises. My baby weighs 14 pounds now, so when I wear him and do just those three exercises, I am sore!

Five: Use YouTube or Apps.


This may seem super obvious, but at first most of us can’t go to a gym or yoga studio so youtube and apps like Popsugar’s Active app are super helpful. Fitness Blender has so many free videos on YouTube. I did a kickboxing one today and I got to do 30 full minutes of a fun and challenging workout! It is surprising how many free workouts we all have access to.

Six: Get a sitter.


Though my baby is 6 months old, I was just ready last month to leave the house for other reasons besides my part time job. I asked a grandma to watch baby for 2 hours on Saturday mornings, so that I could go to yoga. She, of course, was happy to so. A lot of gyms have child care, which would be a great option for many of you. For us, since our son is a preemie he cannot go to daycares yet. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner to step up and help you. I was secretly resenting my partner for having all this freetime, when all I had to do was ask! He will now be taking over so I can go to yoga for on hour twice a week. Many times it is just default that the mother be the primary caretaker and this is a deeply ingrained in even the kindest soul like my partner, so take a stand moms and get out of the house once in a while!

Seven: Sleep is ALWAYS more important.


This is something I have struggled with my whole life, but it is truly a goal of mine to nap at least once a day with my baby. I am not a napper and have always prided myself on how little sleep I can live off of. Can and should are two different things though. One really shouldn’t live off of 4 hours of sleep! What does this have to do with exercise? If you want your exercise to count for something and if you want to truly feel better and stronger, you must sleep. Did you know that not sleeping can cause weight gain?!

Eight: Don’t weigh yourself obsessively, maybe not at all.


I started weighing myself early on after I had my baby. Why amidst all we were going through did I think that was important? I think it goes back to some control issues because like nothing was in my control. This is not a story about my disordered eating though. I stopped weighing myself everyday and the last time I weighed myself was probably two weeks ago. I noticed a significant drop in weight. I also stopped counting calories…hopefully forever and began the practice of intuitive eating. I really believe when you put your body in a place of scarcity and worry, it wants to hold onto weight. I don’t know about you, but when I weigh myself it is never a great feeling. Even when I was at my leanest, it still wasn’t the best feeling. You are not a number on the scale, plus that is a really silly way to see how you are doing health wise.

Nine: Eat enough and eat intuitively.

Like I said, I stopped counting calories hopefully for good and instead eat intuitively. It is a mindfulness practice for sure. I try to eat only when I am hungry and for sure eat when I’m hungry, not waiting to eat ever 4 hours or whatever. At first, I was hungry in the middle of night because I was feeding him in the middle of the night. Breastfeeding is hard work and if you are exercising on top of that, you need plenty of food. Again, I will mention since I quit counting calories and just started eating as many healthy foods as I need, I have started to lean out. My body is trying to find it’s true self and feels safe that it won’t starve.



This is by far the most important tip. Loving yourself is EVERYTHING. I know that sounds cheesy and like you should be happy and in denial all the time, but no it’s not about that. Working toward a goal and not being exactly happy about where you are strength wise or shape wise is fine, but it is what you say to yourself. Your words can poison you or heal you. Take this for example: ” I am so weak” vs. “I am working on getting stronger” Saying you are something leaves little room for improvement. You just are. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I have been working on this my whole life. Some tools I use sound silly, but they really work. I wrote down all the negative thoughts I had and replaced them with active, positive ones. I put them on mirrors where judgment usually takes place and memorized them to say when I had poisonous thoughts. I have noticed it transforming me. Every morning I do a compress with essential oils on my face. I then use them on my heart chakra and my solar plexus. Other things to try are saying your name while looking in the mirror. Say out loud that you love yourself. Write down things in your journal that you did that day that were awesome…your wins. Write down things about you that are great. “I have a great butt” ” I am a great mother” or my favorite “I am a powerful being.”

I hope this tip helps you mommies! Remember…I think this is the third time I am typing this…YOU GAVE BIRTH TO A HUMAN BEING! If you need anything to be your mantra…make it that, but I am sure on top of being a mother, you are so many other things. Exercise heals, it helps our brains work better, it gives us energy we as new moms especially need and it makes us stronger. Use exercise to heal and not to punish and I bet you will see results inside and out. Sending everyone who reads this so much love! Thank you for reading!


Here’s a video of this if you want to see me in action!