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Radiant Life Project is a public health yoga initiative passionate about creating accessibility. We strive to teach the community that yoga is a powerful tool to prevent disease and to improve quality of life.  


To make yoga accessible to all individuals and to educate communities on the benefits of yoga from a public health perspective.

Who we are:


Candice Billings

Candice received her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City where she focused on public health.  It was there that she discovered her passion for nutrition education.  She dedicated much of her time to volunteering as a nutrition educator at farmer’s markets and nutrition education programs for children.  She then went on to complete her certification in holistic nutrition focusing on the benefits of a plant based lifestyle.

Candice found her passion for practicing yoga over 7 years ago.  Yoga has helped to transform her life like she never imagined and it has become her mission to share these powerful benefits with others. She obtained her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from Devi Yoga for Women in Boulder, Colorado.


Rosemary Barria

Rosemary is really into helping women be as awesome as they can be, full of love for themselves and boldness in life. She is an unapologetic feminist and her love of women and sisterhood informs all of her practices. She graduated with Bachelors degree in Health Sciences and focused all of her projects on women’s health.

Rosemary found yoga over ten years ago and has practiced consistently for 7  years in various forms, but her favorite is a good flowing vinyasa coupled with kundalini. Yoga has worked to help her cope with anxiety, depression and addiction problems. She became a 200 hour certified yoga instructor in 2017 and looks forward to bringing the transformative power of yoga to women. She is also a holistic life coach, tarot card reader and reiki practioner. She lives with her partner, Mike, baby Sage, Ceci, a loud dog and Curby, the coolest cat in a small, but not tiny house.

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